What is Deaf-initely Women?

Deaf-initely women is a group of deaf women who give each other emotional resilience to cope within their working and family lives. We provide opportunities for deaf women to gain confidence in trying new experiences. We are all ages from 18 - 80 and have varying degrees of deafness and communication needs.

Deafinitely Women Activities

Deaf Women Matter - Launch

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Launch Programme

We have 50 places

Book your place now - by Text: 07421 827162 or Email: info@deafinitelywomen.org.uk
Or just call in to meet us all.

  • FREE - Workshop on
    • Being Brilliant Deaf Women!
    • Indian Head Massage
    • Hand Massage - and much more!
  • FREE Silent Child Film
  • FREE Goodies to give away
  • FREE Lunch in the afternoon tea style!

Tell Us!

  • What would you like to do for the next 3 years?
  • What would you like to learn more about?
  • Whee should we deliver FREE BSL, lipreading, basic literacy and budgeting classes in Derbyshire?
  • What would help you to feel safe?
  • How could we help you or other Deaf women to be more confident?


PIP Success - New Case Law

National Deaf Children's SocietyNational Deaf Children's Society

Assessors carrying out PIP interviews must now consider all potential safety risks that deaf young people may come across.
Earlier this year, Sue, one of our wonderful Appeals and Disputes advisers worked tirelessly on putting together the legal arguments for a deaf 18 year old’s PIP appeal that was heard at the Upper Tribunal.
One of Sue’s main arguments for the case was that the severity of harm that could occur when a person is carrying out an activity should be considered by PIP assessors. Previously, it was only the likelihood (50% or more) of harm that was considered. So for instance, it’s quite unlikely (less than 50%) that a fire alarm would be sounding when a deaf young person is taking a shower without their assistive hearing device. So PIP assessors would not record this risk. However, if a fire alarm was sounding when the person was in the shower, and they did not hear the alarm, the harm caused could be severe or fatal. It was our argument that this potential severe harm should be given due attention and recorded in PIP assessments.

We have now received confirmation from the Department for Work and Pensions that the case law has been accepted, written in to formal guidance, and all assessors will be trained on the new law.
This now means that PIP assessors should always consider the harm and risks that a deaf young person may face, under every one of the PIP questions. If the harm could be serious, they must consider this risk, even if it’s not very likely to happen.
We hope this will result in better PIP decisions, but we will continue to fight for every deaf young person claiming PIP.

Is there a cost to join?

Young Women in ConversationNo!   Deaf-initely Women is run by volunteers - by deaf women for deaf women. Many of the activities would have not been possible without the volunteers.

To join us or for more information contact us by email, phone or SMS.


  • Awards for All for funding this project
  • North Derbyshire Voluntary Action
  • North East Derbyshire District Council for printing of promotional literature
  • Alison Jones, Communication Unlimited, Derby for the BSL videos

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